sihing brandon solano

“It is a great pleasure and honor to transmit this art to you.

For better or worse, turbulent situations arise that call for a decisive, rapid response. Through training we heighten our ability to confidently recognize and counter these troubling or precarious occasions. The formula to achieve this is applying your will into action via technique, power and speed.

My objective as a WingChun teacher is to use training as a vehicle to facilitate your growth and maximize your potential.”

Sihing Brandon Solano passes on his knowledge with a true love for the art. Because of this dedication, you sense his genuine effort to give you the fullest experience of WingChun. His creative instruction keeps you interested and inspired to reach your goals.

Sihing Brandon is currently a First Technician Level and Instructor Degree I in WingChun as well as a Serrada Level in Escrima.

For more information, please visit his Spotlight.

Assistant- Zakrey Hanson

“I train because it makes me strong.”